MORTGAGE LOAN APPLICATION TIPS: Will you be buying a home soon?

The mortgage loan process can be pretty frustrating (even infuriating!)… From 2000 to 2006, it was so easy, but not now! The housing crash – blamed on loose credit standards – is the reason. The pendulum has swung the other way and now banks are tough!!! 



* Use credit cards wisely and pay on time. NOT using them

does you no good.

* Don’t get new cards or finance a car, furniture, etc. till AFTER you close on your new home.

* Pay those medical bills off! Work with creditors to fix broken credit.

* Don’t change jobs till after closing, if you

can help it. Lenders like to see a 2 year steady income stream.

* Be truthful! It seems obvious, right? A “truthful negative” is far better than a “fraudulent positive.” 
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 lenders. The sooner you start the process, the better!!!

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                                                                  By Frank Zedar